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Computer Training

Personalised Computer Training With Professionals

Imagine having your very own computer technician who is people savvy, and who’d take the time to bring you all their wisdom and knowledge and experience in a one on one lesson at your place. Someone who would teach you quickly and cost effectively how to be better at the computer. Imagine having your own computer tutor who came to your home or work place and helped you to get the skills and know how you need to be a computer master! Imagine no more!

Computer Training

Affordable Geeks offer a personalised computer training service which sees their professional friendly team members come to your place. You’ll have your very own computer tutor who specialises in teaching you the basics and the not so basic computer know how. Whether you are at an advanced level of computer knowledge, or if you’re just starting out, our low prices and zero travel costs make computer training affordable, fun and specific to your needs. Book your personalised computer training lesson today.

Computer Training At Your Place

Most of us would like to be better, quicker, faster and more efficient on the computer, but going to computer training classes is not always possible or convenient. With technological advancements and new computer apps, programs and software being released constantly, it can be hard to stay up to date. If you use a computer for work or regularly for personal use, it can be beneficial to get some tips from the professionals and to make your life easier when at the keyboard.

Affordable Geeks offer a very unique computer training service which takes the hard work out of learning all there is to know about computers, programs, apps, software and I.T. If you need a computer lesson, or if you’re running a business and want your staff to become more computer savvy, Affordable Geek Computer Training is for you. And, the best part is – we bring the training to you! We can train anyone of any level and help you excel behind the keyboard in the comfort of your own home or office

Our Training

Affordable Geeks one on one computer training covers anything to do with computing and associated technology. No matter what your level of expertise or experience, our geeks can assist you to use your computer and equipment more efficiently and to get the most out of your technology.

The basic areas of computer training our geeks provide includes

  • Using your computer (learning about your computer and it’s operating systems)
  • Software, apps and programs that you can use on your computer and home devices
  • How to connect your devices
  • Social media training, and
  • General computer skill training, ranging from basic to more advanced.

If you’d like to know more about our computer training, contact one of the friendly team at Affordable Geeks on 0412 389 017 and we’ll gladly help.