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Email Hosting

Looking For Help With Email Set up and Hosting?

Email is now one of the most common forms of communication for personal and work related use. Most email systems offer private, confidential and discrete communication method, but if you’re not with the right provider or using the right email hosting, it can affect not only your ability to communicate and can jeopardise privacy and security, it can easily affect the productivity and effectiveness of your business.

Email Hosting

Affordable Geeks are your email specialists.Let us take the hassle out of email set up and hosting and we will make sure your email is just right for you and your business. Whether you require email for personal use or for the office, our team know the best and most efficient ways to set up your email and web hosting and we can help to put the right systems in place to get your email up and running quickly.

We understand that time is important to you and so our email set up and hosting services are quick, efficient and cost effective. And once it’s all set up, we’ll show you everything you need to know, so you can understand and maintain everything easily on you own.

Email Assistance

So you need help with your emails? Having trouble sending or receiving or just don’t know how to get your email set up? Don’t worry, Affordable Geeks can help.We’ll come to your home or workplace and get everything set up and in working order so you can get back to communicating.

We Can Help You

Set up new or existing email accounts

Set up multiple email accounts for home or work

Teach you how to use your email and utilise the email program features

Configure multiple email account

Teach you how to organise and utilise email systems including archiving and folder implementation.

Whatever your email requirements, Affordable Geeks can help. Book your Affordable Geek visit today.